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Teacher Get Started Checklist

Welcome to Merlyn Display, your AI classroom assistant on your front-of-class display. Has your IT admin already set up your device? If not, check out the Installation guide to get started! If so, great! You're ready to get started. Follow the steps below to get started!

1_56x56.png What's in the box Merlyn Remote and the USB Antenna
2_56x56.png Your Merlyn remote Check out what you can do with your Merlyn remote. 
3_56x56.png Merlyn Display Application Make sure the display app is open.
4_56x56.png The Merlyn Menu Explore the Merlyn Menu to get to know what Merlyn can do!
5_56x56.png Can't find your remote? Lost your remote in a busy classroom? Find out how to find your remote! 
6_56x56.png Give it a try Step back and navigate, try voice commands, and see what Merlyn can do!
7_56x56.png Talk to Merlyn  See a list of voice commands, print out a copy for your classroom, and give Merlyn a try! 
8_56x56.png Merlyn Chat Have a classroom-safe conversation with Merlyn AI.
9_56x56.png The Teacher Toolkit Find resources, check out new features, and access support. 
10_56x56.png Merlyn University Merlyn can support the lessons you are planning.


What's in the box

Merlyn Display USB Cable


Lanyard comes unattached

12_Merlyn Display Remote 03.jpg


USB Cable 8_USB Cable.png


USB Receiver
Attach the
USB cover
to your lanyard

10_USB Receiver Attached.png


Quick Start Guide

11_Quick Start Guide.png


2 AA Batteries 9_AA Batteries.png


Safety Certifications

13_Safety Certifications.png

 Merlyn Display Whip Antenna


Lanyard comes unattached
12_Merlyn Display Remote 03.jpg


USB Receiver
Whip Antenna


Quick Start Guide

11_Quick Start Guide.png


2 AA Batteries

9_AA Batteries.png


Safety Certifications

13_Safety Certifications.png

Your Merlyn Remote

You can use the remote control to control your display and talk to Merlyn from anywhere in the classroom. View the remote guide to learn more and see what your remote can do.

2_Remote Batteries.png

Remote Batteries
Before using the remote control, ensure the batteries are loaded and the pull tab is removed. If you have been using the remote for a while, the batteries may need to be replaced. 

2b_Using Remote.png

Merlyn Display Application

Your IT admin should have already downloaded and activated the Merlyn Display app on your display. If you see an orange ball on the right side of your screen, you'll know Merlyn is ready to use. 2b_Click the Find My Remote Icon.pngIf you don't see the orange ball, open your apps on the panel and click on Merlyn Display. 


If you don't see Merlyn Display in your panel apps, please go to the App store on your display to download the Merlyn Display software. (If you are downloading the software, click here to see the installation guide for proper activation).

9_Displayt Desktop App.pngMerlyn Display App

The Merlyn Menu

Want to access Merlyn Chat, get support, or access other helpful tools?
Tap the orange ball on the screen, press the orange button on your remote, or hold the microphone button and say “Open Merlyn.”

Ways to access the Merlyn Menu

3a_Access Merlyn Menu.png   3b_Access Merlyn Menu.png
3c_Merlyn Menu Diagram.png

Can’t find your remote?

2a_Open the Overlay.png Step 1
Locate the Merlyn avatar to open the Overlay.

2b_Click the Find My Remote Icon.png Access the Merlyn Menu by tapping the Merlyn avatar on the panel screen. This opens the menu. 
2c_Click the Find My Remote Icon.png Step 2
Once the menu is displayed, click the remote icon to hear a chime.

Give it a try

6a_Set Timer.png
Set a Timer
Hold the push-to-talk button, say "Set a timer for two minutes" and release. You can also say "open timer" and "close timer".
10_AirMouse.gifUse the Air Mouse
Push the Air Mouse button on the remote, and move the remote to move the cursor on the display. Practice clicking around to build your Air Mouse skillset!


6c_Voice Requests.png

Try these voice requests!
Press the microphone button and then hold it down while you talk to Merlyn. 

Talk to Merlyn

See a list of voice requests to use with Merlyn.

7b_Search YouTube.png 7c_AirMouse.png

Try saying ”Search YouTube for videos about grasshoppers.”

Select a video with your air mouse and then try using requests
like “Enter full screen,” “Play video,” or “Pause Video.”

Merlyn Chat

Use AI to ask questions and get classroom-safe answers to engage your students.  Access Merlyn Chat by pressing the remote icon or tapping the Merlyn Menu.

Finding Merlyn Chat

5_Ways To Use Merlyn Chat.png  

Using your remote
Press the chat button on your remote to start Merlyn Chat.


2b_Click the Find My Remote Icon.png  

Through the Overlay

Step 1
Access the Merlyn Menu by tapping the Merlyn avatar on the panel screen. This opens the menu.


Step 2
Click the chat icon to start Merlyn Chat.

Using Merlyn Chat

11_Merlyn Chat_1.png 11_Merlyn Chat_2.png

Talk to Merlyn
Press and hold the microphone button on your remote, or type directly in the text box.

Delve Deeper
View citations for the sources used to generate Merlyn’s answer.

The Teacher Toolkit

Visit the Merlyn Teacher Toolkit to find user guides and educational materials, discover new features, send feedback, and get support. (Coming soon!)

Merlyn University

Lesson Planning & Time-Saving Support
Have a planning period? Go to Merlyn University to dig deeper into how Merlyn can support your planning lessons and save you time. (Coming soon!)

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